That’s It!

After one year of running this website, I have decided to finish my competition. I give a huge thank you to all participants but I am also very sorry to all of you who would like to continue solving puzzles. I particularly thank Mark Bishop, Paul Cleary and Richard Zapor for sending in puzzle submissions. Here are the top five participants for both the Leaderboard and the Cup:

Position Contest Coding Cup Leaderboard
1 Paul Cleary E. Choroba
2 Isaiah Howard Paul Cleary
3 Richard Zapor wanderdoc
4 E. Choroba Mark Bishop
5 wanderdoc David Valles

And here are the top ten from a points table combining both the Leaderboard and the Cup:

Position Name Points
1 Paul Cleary 17
2 E. Choroba 15
3 wanderdoc 12
4 David Valles 10
4 Mark Bishop 10
4 Isaiah Howard 10
7 Jeff Vincent 8
8 Richard Zapor 7
9 Siegbert Steinlechner 6
10 Kathick Sundarajan 2

Once again, I apologise but also thank everyone who has participated in the contest, but I am unable to continue running the competition.

Thank you for your understanding, Lewis Cornwall.


5 thoughts on “That’s It!”

  1. Well I enjoyed it a lot. Thank you so much for your efforts. I literally made a booklet of all the puzzles last Thursday! Thanks again.

  2. I for one is sorry to see the end of this contest, but do appreciate all the time and effort you have put in over the last year. Thanks again Lewis.

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