Caeser Cipher II

Below is a paragraph of text encrypted using a Caesar cipher as described in an earlier puzzle. Differing from that earlier puzzle is that the decryption key is not known – however, it is known that the word “bird” appears in the text. Determine the decryption key and decrypt the text.

OVSTLZ ohk illu zlhalk mvy zvtl ovbyz pu zpslujl dpao opz svun, aopu ihjr jbyclk vcly h joltpjhs clzzls pu dopjo ol dhz iyldpun h whyapjbshysf thsvkvyvbz wyvkbja. Opz olhk dhz zbur bwvu opz iylhza, huk ol svvrlk myvt tf wvpua vm cpld sprl h zayhunl, shur ipyk, dpao kbss nylf wsbthnl huk h ishjr avw-ruva.

– This puzzle was suggested by Mark Bishop

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